We are very glad to announce that 3 Galway Hookers have been recently launched.
"Colmcille", a leathbhád, was launched on 6 April at Rosmuc.
After a careful restoration, the gleoiteog "Lovely Anne" made her first voyage on Friday 19th April in the waters of Claddagh basin.
A few days ago, Rosmuc was again home to the launch of a gleoiteog beag, "An Caiteagh Beag" (the Little Witch) on 11 May.
"Ceol na Mara" has been completely restored by Joe Reaney and is being blessed for the Mac Donnacha family from An Cheathrú Rua on the 18th of May at Caladh Thaidhg pier.
Thanks to the Máirtin Ó Droighneáin, Oliver Ó Conaire, the Bádóirí an Cladaiġ group and Aodán Mac Donnacha for their efforts and their passionate commitment in bringing these old Galway Hookers back to their former glory. Well done! The Galway Hookers Community hope that your enthusiasm will help in further promoting these iconic traditional boats and maintaining them in ship-shape conditions for the generations to come.

Filmed across four continents, ‘Taoide’ is a visually stunning exploration of one of the most powerful and mysterious natural forces on Earth. The programmes visits some of the world's most stunning locations on four continents, giving us an insight to one of the strongest natural and mysterious global forces. John Darba Ó Flatharta and his son Colm show how Galway Hookers depended and worked with the tides as they carry a tombstone from the Aran Islands, Seán Ó Conghaile explains the value of Fínis Island where at low tide the island connects with the mainland, Jack Cosgrove has a race with the tide to run Omey Island Horse Races, and Donncha Mac Con Iomaire explains the nuances of the different tides and the effects the the landscape has on them.

Good Friday, 19th April: 5pm
Location: Claddagh Quay / Community Hall, Galway
Tickets not needed. Free event. Just pop along!

Cutting the Ribbon & Blessing of the Boat
Refreshments & Entertainment
Bring Pot Luck Picnic (bring something to share)

A group of dedicated boat-builders and volunteers have lovingly spent the last five months restoring a beautiful Galway Hooker: The ‘Lovely Anne’. As part of a series of celebratory events, they are delighted to officially launch her into the water at Claddagh Quay, on Good Friday. 
Organised by Galway Hooker 2020, Bádóirí an Cladaig and the wider Claddagh community, this group of sailors, fishers & boat-builders are delighted to invite all of Galway’s diverse communities to come together to support and share this historical occasion.
During this family event you will experience a traditional blessing of the boat, a cutting the ribbon ceremony, as well as have a chance to be photographed with the Lovely Anne and talk to the team of boat-builders.

The Lovely Anne: This 137 year-old workboat was built in 1882 by Galway boat-wright, Patrick Brannelly (famous for building An Tónaí & the Morning Star). She has a fascinating story.After being part of Galway’s hooker fleet in the early 1900s she was sold over 46 years ago in Spiddal to Jim Parkinson, who fished her for many years. Later he relocated to Killybegs, Co. Donegal and the boat has been in his possession ever since.Last year (2018) Ross Forde (Brannelly's Great-Great Grandson) brought the boat back to Galway, and on Friday she will officially join the rest of Galway’s famous hooker fleet.

Meet the Galway Hookers and the families that own them!  Bádóirí  video series, starting from Thursday 10th January at 8.00 pm on TG4 Irish TV Channel-