Gleoiteoga Móra & Gleoiteoga Beaga (Léig 1 & 2) Races will be held on Saturday at 1.30 pm. 
Báid Mhóra & Leath Bháid Raceswill be held on Sunday at 1.30 pm. 
Skippers Meeting at 1.00pm on both days - Good luck!

The Races for all classes of Galway Hookers (Báid Mhóra, Leath Bháid, Gleoiteoga Móra & Gleoiteoga Beaga) will be held on Sundays off the Beach Road. The R.I.B. will collect one from each boat for the skipper meeting at 2:15, the race will start immediately. There will be a dinner for the boat crew in "Salt, Bóthar na Trá" after the race.

This year marks an important milestone for our Association, which was established 40 years ago. We have chosen to celebrate this birthday with a special gift to our followers: a photo gallery collecting images of the glorious past days of Galway hooker. We do hope that young generations will be able to fulfil and enhance this precious legacy, thus preserving the image and the future of this grand old lady of the sea.
Click HERE to visit the gallery.