The Boatmen Dinner 2018 turned out to be a pleasant event. The dining room of Merriman Hotel was crowded with the boatmen and their families, each one enjoying the meal and sharing in company and laughter.
After the dinner, a video honoured the memory of one of the last great Boatmen, Matt Casey, who sadly passed away in August.
The following video was a nice interview with Baba Uí Bháille, who was later on awarded with "Mná na mBádóirí" Prize, a new trophy especially dedicated to those very special women who share in the passion of their husbands, sons and relatives for these wonderful boats and support them in everyday life, in their success and troubles too...

Race of Gleoiteoga Móra & Beaga Saturday at 3.00  - Skipper meeting at 2.30.
Race of Báid Mhóra & Leath Bháid Sunday at 2.30. - Skipper meeting at 2.00
Good luck!

The races for Báid Mhóra and Leath Bháid will be on tomorrow at 2.30. Skippers meeting at 2. Good luck!

Gleoiteoga Móra & Gleoiteoga Beaga (Léig 1 & 2) Races will be held on Saturday at 1.30 pm. 
Báid Mhóra & Leath Bháid Raceswill be held on Sunday at 1.30 pm. 
Skippers Meeting at 1.00pm on both days - Good luck!