The Galway Hooker Association has a RIB type boat for attending the regattas during the sailing season. Aboard with the RIB skipper, the race referee is there to assure that the races are run fairly and also to assist in any accident or emergency that might occur during the regatta. Like all boats, this boat needs regular investment to keep her in a safe and seaworthy condition. The RIB motor needs a complete service and all the electrical system needs to be completely overhauled for her to be ready for the 2018 season. The Department of the Gaeltacht have granted €3,843 which is to be supplemented by €960 (20%) by the Galway Hooker Association to cover the complete costs.


The Galway Hooker Association is providing a shore-based course in navigation for its members with the support of the BIM FLAG scheme. Galway Hooker sailors are naturally gifted mariners and this course in Coastal Navigation will enhance their expertise at sea. It is also a great opportunity for our younger members getting on the first step of maritime academic education. Many members of the Galway Hooker Association who are now professional mariners internationally took this course as their first certification.
We are delighted to announce that Micheal Conroy, a native Irish speaker like nearly all of Galway Hooker Association members, from Ros Muc is the instructor of the four-evening course.
Each participant will receive a new lifejacket and handheld VHF, safety equipment that should be in all boats today. BIM have invested €6,914 in this project and each participant will pay €100 to cover the rest of the costs.


 The winners and the Ranking for 2017 Championship are now available here